Female Private Investigators – Breaking Down Industry Norms

Posted On July 30, 2018

According to Statistics Canada, there are nearly 70,000 Private Investigators working across Canada. 26,000 in Ontario alone. Approximately 24% of those are women.

Still, when most people hear mention of a Private Investigator they immediately picture a Sherlock Holmes or a Magnum P.I. type. They immediately picture men. But if they ever took the time to watch Nancy Drew, they might realize that when it comes to investigating, women definitely have some advantages.

Women are often underestimated. This can be used this to their benefit when on surveillance. Women aren’t often expected to be investigators, so it is easier for them to blend in in public settings. And if they aren’t too proud, they can even get away with playing the damsel in distress card, claiming they are lost or need directions should a subject become surveillance conscious.

Women are excellent at multitasking. This translates well when a case requires the use of imagination or creative surveillance, because women are generally better at keeping complex backstories straight.

Women are easy to talk to. When conducting witness interviews or asking around about a subject, people generally just feel more comfortable talking to women and they tend to open up more. Women can be much less intimidating, which often makes them seem more trustworthy to witnesses/subjects.

Women are naturally great with disguises. Not only are women more creative when it comes to a disguise, but they are naturally blessed with more options. The variety of styles, clothes, makeup, shoes, hairstyles & jewellery that can alter a woman’s appearance is endless. And it could be as simple as a darker lipstick & some new sunglasses to make a woman appear completely different to someone who doesn’t know them well.

Women are great with social media. And nowadays, this is a massive help when conducting an investigation. Although many firms have investigators in the office that are dedicated specifically to social media, it is very beneficial when the private investigator assigned to the case is able to continue to check for updates made by the subject. Social media updates can sometimes reveal a subject’s whereabouts, acquaintances, upcoming events, or daily/weekly routines.

Being a Private Investigator is much less glamorous than it seems. It can be extremely draining, as it requires a great amount of patience, energy, and mental and emotional stamina. The women who have chosen Private Investigation as a career should never be underestimated. They should be celebrated. They bring diversity to what has always been a male-dominated industry, breaking down industry norms and introducing change.

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Female Private Investigators – Breaking Down Industry Norms

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