Why is writing so important in our profession you might ask?

It’s because the basis of each and every investigation is the final report that we provide to our clients. Once an investigation is complete, we compile everything from background and social media findings, to time-stamped surveillance notes, to stills of video taken during surveillance into a professionally edited report. It is important that this report be of evidentiary worth should a case go to trial.

The first and most important step in producing a high-quality report is to outline. We provide an outline/template to our investigators prior to their commencement of report writing to ensure that all pertinent details of an investigation are included. Our background investigators start the report before surveillance even begins. This helps to build a framework for the investigation, while at the same time providing the investigators with information regarding the subject that they can refer back to at any point during the remainder of the investigation.

Surveillance reports provide an extremely important glimpse into the daily activity of claimants, getting our clients the answers that they need. Exceeding client expectations is evident in our detailed surveillance reports, providing more than just a simple synopsis, but an in-depth analysis on mobility, habits, background information, social media investigation, residential information, and personalized recommendations to best suit each surveillance file.

In addition, our investigators take part in ongoing training to guarantee that our clients receive every important detail of an investigation in writing. This training also helps to guarantee that all reports meet current legal standards to be found admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Using the S-M-A-R-T format, we create reports that are: Short, Material, Articulate, Relevant and Timely. This method of report writing ensures that our reports are concise and to the point, making them easy for our clients (and anyone else reviewing them) to follow.

Report writing is a critical skill in our industry. A great P.I. should be able to write clearly, concisely and articulately. They should be able to take all of the evidence that they have gathered, decide which is the most important to an investigation, and construct a report that will lead any reader to the same conclusion that the investigator came to at the closing of an investigation.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with only the highest quality of reports which have been professionally edited. We practice enhanced due diligence with a highly skilled team of investigative editors, ensuring that all reports sent to our clients only pertain relevant, factual, and accurate information.