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Top-level, comprehensive corporate and insurance investigative services with our high skill-set from diverse backgrounds including former Police Officers, corrections, military and Senior Police Consultants.
Corporate fraud

Corprorate Investigation

Investigations delivering superior results to help protect your company.
Insurance fraud

Insurance Investigation

Providing quality service to help combat fraudulent insurance claims.

Legal & Private

We provide law firms with the evidence necessary to protect their business interests. Background checks, pre-employment screenings, reference checks, etc.

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Our track record for providing some of the best and most comprehensive investigative services has been based on bringing fantastic results to our clients while establishing a high standard in professionalism, ethics and integrity.

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When there is a possibility of an investigation making it to trial, admissible evidence is what you need, and it is crucial to the success of your case. As Private Investigators, our training has taught us that when we receive a case, whether...

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