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Stealing Time – Investigating Time Theft in the Workplace

When most people think of theft they think of stealing something tangible, a product, money, even client lists. But the most common type of theft among employees is of time. Since they aren’t physically taking something, it might not seem like stealing, but an...

Surveillance F.A.Q’s

When potential clients approach us looking to hire a Private Investigation to conduct surveillance, they often have some questions. To better explain our job and put our clients’ minds at ease, we try to answer all of their questions in a clear and concise manner....

How to Prevent Theft & Fraud in the Workplace

Employee theft or fraud can come in many different forms. By definition, employee theft is “any stealing, use or misuse of an employer’s assets without permission”. The most common assets stolen by employees are: time (employees are being paid for time not worked),...

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